Anti-Surge Systems

Anti-Surge Systems

Synergy E&P designs and manufactures anti-surge systems for critical protection against dangerous pressure spikes and pipeline surges. These surge pressures which are due to rapid change in pipeline pressure are caused by a change of flow rate in the pipeline. Pressure surges travel at sonic velocities through the pipeline at speeds that can cause severe infrastructure damage, loss of product, as well as significant harm to the environment and personnel. Synergy E&P offers its safety-conscious clients best-in-class, optimally designed anti-surge systems that ensure that in normal conditions, surge relief valves are closed, but when a surge event disturbs a normal flow, the fluid pressure increases to the set point. This automatically and immediately opens the relief valve, relieving enough volume through a relief line to a surge tank or alternative sink to eliminate the surge. As the surge is dissipated, the valve closes again without slamming shut. The unit is again ready to act in case of any subsequent surge.

The Synergy E&P anti-surge system also provides the fundamental requirements of surge relief systems which include the need for fast-acting, high capacity valves, capable of opening very quickly to remove surge pressures from the line, and then return to the normal state quickly but without causing additional pressure surge during the closure. Synergy E&P can provide properly specified and installed skid-integrated anti-surge systems that prevent accidents, reduce maintenance, and extend the equipment’s operating life.

Synergy E&P can design and manufacture anti-surge systems with single or redundant parallel surge relief valves, inlet and outlet manifolds sized to minimize the pressure loss, as well as nitrogen systems. We can also ensure the anti-surge system comprises all the necessary devices and instrumentation, including manual valves, pressure and temperature indicators, and transmitters, a nitrogen control system, and, at times, flow meters that are full bore in-line ultrasonic to determine the relief quantity and rate.

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