Non-Conventional Technology


Forging New Horizons: Fueling Progress through Exploration.

Non-Conventional Technology

Synergy E&P provides specialized and highly classified exploration solutions to meet client needs by identifying areas with hydrocarbon accumulation and areas of economic viability. We use various geological and geophysical data in helping our clients make high-level decisions. Our synergistic solution involves the deployment of:

– Patented technologies jointly aimed at optimizing airborne data acquisition, processing, interpretation, and integration.
– Seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation, and integration
– Basin evaluation
– Geoscience data management and migration
– Petroleum Economics and deep prospectivity studies.

Frontier exploration is a costly endeavor which utilizes seismic data to evaluate subsurface structures.

However, seismic imaging does not address the critical question of hydrocarbon presence. New technologies can be used to determine the presence of petroleum systems and define the phase of any hydrocarbons that may be present.

We use ultrasensitive hydrocarbon mapping in conjunction with other technologies to dramatically de-risk exploration in frontier areas.

Data acquisition, imaging, and analysis systems capable of rendering transparent the top several meters and down several kilometers of the Earth’s strata and reveal with precision geological structure and hydrocarbon formations.

We offer cutting-edge non-seismic and non-conventional exploration technologies in the exploration and production industry. Our services include but not limited to:

Geological, Geochemical & Geophysical surveys

– Airborne survey

– Data QA/QC

– Carbon capture sequestration

Our non-Conventional technologies can provide the following capabilities:

– Detect the micro-seepage columns associated with reservoir prospect ‘leads’ using low-cost airborne reconnaissance capabilities

– Determine the approximate thicknesses of and the depths to the hydrocarbon reservoirs.

– Determine hydrocarbon phase whether dry gas, wet gas, light oil, heavy oil

Our technologies can acquire additional robust dataset that will increase investors’ confidence and appetite. The synergistic combination of these non-conventional (non-seismic) tools with seismic technologies for hydrocarbon exploration will provide:

– Optimization of exploratory drill well location(s)

– De-risking exploration in frontier basins

– Increased reserve and production growth

– Guide in the drilling of deeper pools

– Drastic increased profitability

Our Purpose

We are intent on standing out for our technical expertise, innovation, and commitment to Sustainability.

We aim to contribute to the global energy transition by promoting non-conventional, innovative technologies and diversifying our energy portfolio, while remaining focused on environmental stewardship. 

Our Values

Our Core Values: Synergy E&P Ltd Value System

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We are committed to delivering projects and services on time, meeting deadlines and ensuring promptness in all their dealings.


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We are reliable, dependable and trustworthy. We keep our promises and deliver on our commitments.


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