Domestic Gas Delivery Solutions


Increase Domestic Gas Utilization

Nigeria is the largest holder of natural gas-proven reserves in Africa and the ninth-largest holder globally.

With the significant economic growth in Nigeria and Africa, energy-related environmental issues become more and more serious.

Increase energy access to achieve universal coverage and drive social and economic development.

With current production of ~ 8Bscfd could power ~8GW, and 5GW energy could be generated from  flared gas, 15GW from reinjected gas

We need to significantly increase domestic gas utilization

Our yearly production of Natural Gas is around 52 BCM ranking it as the world’s 12th largest natural gas producer.

The challenge is in the absence of adequate infrastructure and an effective transmission and distribution network system to facilitate domestic gas utilization within the country.

Promoting gas as an energy source for vehicles and use of LPG for households use
Transportation - Cascades | Tubes Skids | Trucking
Utilize Gas for power generation from around 4,000 MW to over 30,000 MW.
Promoting the development of gas-based industries, such as petrochemicals, fertilizer, and methanol production.
Pipe gas to Off-takers’ agreed locations, and gas-based industries
Increase production capacity and Export of LNG.
Our Purpose

We are intent on standing out for our technical expertise, innovation, and commitment to Sustainability.

We aim to contribute to the global energy transition by promoting non-conventional, innovative technologies and diversifying our energy portfolio, while remaining focused on environmental stewardship. 

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