Unlocking the Earth's Riches: Synergy E&P's Mining Expertise and Innovation


Africa is a continent enriched in mineralization of all types of mineral deposits as a result of its geological legacy. It is well endowed with reserves of platinum, diamond, chromite, cobalt, phosphate, manganese, gold, and bauxite. Although Africa has limited mineral exploration activities, it hosts about 30% of the planet’s mineral resources. It is expected that Africa has more than half of the total earth resources that need funds to be explored.

Synergy E&P using the non-conventional exploration technology is rapidly developing an international presence and a growing reputation in the global market, as a key player in the Key Technologies for Mineral Exploration and Production Mining.

Our Purpose

We are intent on standing out for our technical expertise, innovation, and commitment to Sustainability.

We aim to contribute to the global energy transition by promoting non-conventional, innovative technologies and diversifying our energy portfolio, while remaining focused on environmental stewardship. 

Our Values

Our Core Values: Synergy E&P Ltd Value System

It is Not Just What We Do at Synergy E & P that Sets Us Apart, It is How We Do It


We are committed to delivering projects and services on time, meeting deadlines and ensuring promptness in all their dealings.


At Synergy E & P, we believes in transparency, we are open and honest in all our interactions.


We are reliable, dependable and trustworthy. We keep our promises and deliver on our commitments.


We act with integrity, honesty and respect. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and are committed to doing the right thing.


Synergy E & P has the capacity, expertise, resources and capabilities to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of their clients.


Synergy E & P is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We are passionate about what they do.


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